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Behind to Medal

04 February 19

Over a month ago when I found out my husband was going to be away I quickly sent a message saying I may not be able to make the relay. I was honestly so relieved but then in the following breath felt defeated. I quickly texted back again saying, “I’ll find a way.” I decided I would start training harder and not allow an excuse to stop my commitment. I had a back up sitter. Then this cold came hard and just lingered in my lungs. I didn’t want to let my team down but self doubt was creeping in… My training runs were slow, my lungs hurt and I wasn’t hitting my anticipated pace but every day I made a decision. I showed up, prayed through each run, thanked God for the breath I did have in my lungs and the joy overwhelmed me in those slow stroller runs leading up to the race.

So here it was that moment my alarm went off Saturday at 4am and I headed to the beach to meet my team… I didn’t have to run more then a step to know I had already won this y’all!

I won the battle in my mind. I ignored the lies that kept telling me to quit, that I wasn’t good enough and that it was probably better to just not be there at all. I JUST showed up. Yes I pushed myself, my lungs hurt after each leg I ran, I am sore, but my heart is so full because I simply JUST showed up! I know I’m not the only one that struggles with this sometimes in life. We all have the same choice. To show up for our goals or not to. To find a way or give up. To see others quick journey and think ours isn’t good enough. All the successes you see glammed up and beautiful in pictures on Instagram are not won without a battle of the mind and a bold choice. 
JUST SHOW UP for you, your family and the people counting on YOU. People are watching. Don’t wait until you have it all together, just do that something in your life that you’ve been wanting to do but you are too scared to do. You know that something that matters to you that you just need to show up for. You already have what it takes, it just starts with a decision. Show up today as you are.

Light & Love