Live Healthy, Live Happy, Live Free

Hey Mamas.

21 May 20

Hey mamas. 

This whole mom, heck women in a social media age is great but H A R D. Sometimes I just want to give all of you a great big hug. I want to have you over for an espresso. I just want our guards to come down. I want to just tell you, you are enough. Just show up as you. I know sometimes it’s hard to even know...

For the Thrill

25 May 19

There is just something about that thrill… you just don’t know what’s going to happen next ya know!

One may have a meltdown, one will screech extremely loud, you won’t leave the store without tearing open a snack, you will laugh hard at something funny, one will surely trip and fall, one has to urgently pee, another will sneak a candy in, one will start devouring a fresh mango before you...

Wrangler Weekend.

29 April 19

My girlie and I rented a wrangler and we were off! The cool thing is we actually rented a tiny car and they upgraded us to this. A smile truly can move mountains! My 16 year old self was living the dream in this ride all weekend long (my 31 year old self with my daughter was too!)!

I am so grateful for not only the gift...

Kindness Does.

09 April 19

Tuesday morning called for breakfast sandwiches and lattes. My girlie ran in with me so we could grab the goods. I think it’s safe to say coffee shops are becoming her happy place as much as her mamas… dreams come true!

“Mama she looks so nice. Her dress is so nice!”

I quickly told her,

“Babe just tell her, it’ll make her feel so good.”

P was feeling a bit shy so I mentioned...

Winging It.

06 April 19

Eleven years in this thang! Our babies are 8, 7, 5 and 19 months old. One has a fever. Our baby sitter is studying abroad. Our pizza picnic with a candle and cocktails tradition came in clutch once again. This tradition began in Georgia & has come in handy from FaceTiming in Afghanistan to Germany to Louisiana and NC. Phew, perhaps a date night is in the very near future...

Behind to Medal

04 February 19

Over a month ago when I found out my husband was going to be away I quickly sent a message saying I may not be able to make the relay. I was honestly so relieved but then in the following breath felt defeated. I quickly texted back again saying, “I’ll find a way.” I decided I would start training harder and not allow an excuse to stop my commitment. I...

It matters.

29 January 19

I don’t eat right because I have to be the skinniest. I don’t run because I have to be the fastest. I don’t build a business because I have to be the wealthiest. I don’t seek faith because I have to be the most holy. I do it because I want to be the best me that I can for my littles and my man and shine goodness to others....