Live Healthy, Live Happy, Live Free

Hey Mamas.

21 May 20

Hey mamas. 

This whole mom, heck women in a social media age is great but H A R D. Sometimes I just want to give all of you a great big hug. I want to have you over for an espresso. I just want our guards to come down. I want to just tell you, you are enough. Just show up as you. I know sometimes it’s hard to even know what and who we are. 

All the images. All the comparisons. All the trolls. All the advice. All the tips. All the journeys. All the tragedies. All the trials. All the lows. All the highs. All the stuff. 

✨Can I just say that right now I just want to say I see you. I see your journey. I’m in the valleys and the hills with you. The tears that roll down your face trying to figure out the words to say when our littles face hard things... me too. The apologies that come after you lose your patience once again... me too. The prayers not yet answered when you just want clarity... me too. The burdens on your heart in the waiting... me too. The pressure to volunteer, to serve, to work, to stay, to go... me too. The difference you strive to make for your home that may or may not be noticed... me too. The books you read to understand & relate more to the hubs & kids... me too. The businesses you built or haven’t yet... me too. 

But this-

The words that build up. The boo boos you kiss. The meals you prep, execute and clean. The way you show up for your spouse even when you are exhausted. You handle the home life, work life and still show up in community.

You are freaking awesome. Fierce, compassionate and on mission. Building one another up and choosing to see the good.

Friend, you are beautiful, enough, forgiven, loved and heck yes a hot mess just like me. Today, I just think you should know that you’ve got someone in your corner even when you feel alone. I admire all you mamas doing your thing and I think you’re doing a really great job. 💚 

Light & Love,