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Kindness Does.

09 April 19

Tuesday morning called for breakfast sandwiches and lattes. My girlie ran in with me so we could grab the goods. I think it’s safe to say coffee shops are becoming her happy place as much as her mamas… dreams come true!

My baby girl

Soon after sitting down to wait, she pointed to a lady standing near us and whispered to me…

“Mama she looks so nice. Her dress is so nice!”

I quickly told her,

“Babe just tell her, it’ll make her feel so good.”

P was feeling a bit shy so I mentioned the kind words my daughter said to this lady. Y’all, you could see the softness just spread throughout her face as a big grin appeared. You could feel the openness and connection come. We then engaged in a quick conversation and left with full hearts.

It was so cool for my daughter to see the impact her kind words made!

People matter. Words matter. Kindness matters!!

We all have the ability to build others up, speak life and break down barriers!