Live Healthy, Live Happy, Live Free

Winging It.

06 April 19

Eleven years in this thang! Our babies are 8, 7, 5 and 19 months old. One has a fever. Our baby sitter is studying abroad. Our pizza picnic with a candle and cocktails tradition came in clutch once again. This tradition began in Georgia & has come in handy from FaceTiming in Afghanistan to Germany to Louisiana and NC. Phew, perhaps a date night is in the very near future but tonight this is pure perfection.

The thing about “I do” is it’s not just for the times when it’s easy or when we’re all healthy. It’s not just for the views at the top of the mountain but it’s about putting on the boots & trekking through the valleys together. It’s about the seasons that may try and tear you down, steal your joy and make you feel like falling apart but instead you choose to just fall in together.

Marriage is pretty cool to think about…. it’s two broken, selfish people realizing we don’t have what it takes to make it on our own and deciding to seek the one who does have it all. Hello grace and unending love. It is ultra messy and mega fun. It is growing in compassion at counseling and laughing out loud at comedy specials in the same week. It’s forgiveness, servant hearts and humility in action. It’s love and commitment.

So all that to say… 11 years in and we’re still winging this life together. We all are. Yes we are a little older, perhaps a bit wiser but still feeling a lot like those crazy college kids with no specific plan except knowing… it’s better together.