Live Healthy, Live Happy, Live Free

Wrangler Weekend.

29 April 19

My girlie and I rented a wrangler and we were off! The cool thing is we actually rented a tiny car and they upgraded us to this. A smile truly can move mountains! My 16 year old self was living the dream in this ride all weekend long (my 31 year old self with my daughter was too!)!

Adventure with my girlie

We got to see amazing women in my organization and launch their businesses with their friends and family in person.

With a friend
My beautiful random roommate @USC and forever best friend!
My beautiful random roommate @USC and forever best friend!

We got to listen to their visions. We got to pour into others and listen to their needs as we gathered around tables. We got to share healthy beautiful products inside and out. We got to visit one of our amazing friends who have become family living this military life.

With Karem
Army wife life!
The kids

We got to travel across 3 beautiful states in a weekend! We got to chat, belt out all the songs and enjoy one on one time just us. My man got quality time with the 3 boys at home which made my heart so happy.


All of this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t say yes to an opportunity 3 years ago that made me step out in faith and way out of my comfort zone. The community, the opportunity, the pureness, the mission, and the lives changed. It’s why I do what I do. What are you feeling the tug to to? Why aren’t you doing it? Don’t let others dictate your dreams!

I am so grateful for not only the gift of finances and health but the gift of TIME with the amazing people in my life and the people I’ve yet to meet. It is so true that when you love what you do, you don’t have to work a day in your life!